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Berlin School of Business and Innovation


EU Business School


Berlin School of Business and Innovation
Why study in Germany

With many top-ranked universities and buzzing cities packed with history, vibrant nightlife, and art galleries, no wonder thousands of young international students are deciding to pursue their studies in Germany. In recent years, Germany has become one of the most popular places to study for international students. To be more precise, it is the third most popular destination!

German universities are famous for delivering high-quality education - a lot of these universities even rank among the best in the world. By choosing to study in Germany, you can be sure to get an education that is well above the global average, which will come in very useful when looking for a job after graduation.

No matter what point of your studies you’re in, there’s a study programme for you in Germany. Because we have so many universities, there’s a large number of Bachelors, Masters, PhD, language courses, etc. to suit every students’ needs.

Partner schools

The following schools are our study abroad partners in Germany:

  • Berlin school of business and Innovation
  • EU Business School
How to apply

Apply to the Office near You. Click the button below or Call or email edu.consultant2@astolinks.net for application process, admission, visa and information about scholarship and other information about Canada.